Innovation Project Share: FINAL

The Swim Life

Swim! Swim! Swim!

From lap to lap,

Fighting against the struggles and tension.

Penetrating the surface, pulling the water, pushing up to the air,

To free your body.

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The Story of My Learning: BRAWL

During the BRAWL debates, I got to listen to two sides or teams going up against each other to try to convey to the audience of their argument and their opinion on a particular topic/question given by the teacher. I, myself, had participated in one of the BRAWL debates. I had a fun time doing it. I expressed my opinion and examples/facts to support and back up my statement/claim. I remember having this experience last year when I was debating on the topic of abortion. Although I did a decent job on my research, it clearly wasn’t enough. As a result, our team didn’t win. After that time, I wasn’t happy with myself because I knew that I could have done more and be better prepared. When they asked questions but I couldn’t answer, I promised to myself that later on if I were to do any debates again, I will take my time and prepare it thoroughly. Therefore, when the BRAWL was like that, I did a lot and I tried to find many examples to back up my opinion. I am determined to do the best that I can. Even though my team members did help out in completion of the papers, I had to come back and fixed and added everything by myself. I even stayed up until 4 a.m. in the morning. I made the papers look nicer, more neat, and more presentable to the eyes.

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Reflection of My Blogging Experience

First of all, I would like to thank you, Mr. Theriault, for introducing us to this awesome blogging world. I had learned much more than if we were to just read and write essays like what a normal English Honors class would do. From blogging, it opened my mind and taught me great lessons on how to make my life more colorful, more fun, more surrounded, more connected to the online world of greatness. Instead of writing essays on pieces of paper, I got to express my thoughts and feelings on a particular topic on my laptop and to share them to the world, to my peers, not just to one person only, and that is the teacher. It took fiction and reality to a bigger, higher, and broader step; and that is, to share our ideas around the world, not just in a class.

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You don’t have to be mean to be cool.

Sometimes what stands out is something that is different from the common world. In a world, nice people…because they are so nice, they are being ignored and not appreciated enough to be noticed. Yet, those who are mean to other people, people around them view them as superiors so then they followed blindly. Furthermore, another reason why most follow mean people is because they can’t be like them or they just want to be like them. In their eyes, they think that mean people have more attention, good or bad, are more popular. Hence, since they are just common people, they also want to stand out from the people around them by trying to fit in with the people above them and be on the side of someone who has more power, instead of supporting the side that cannot even protect himself from others. Usually and instinctively, most people follow the side that is more beneficial to them. Therefore, these mindsets often lead to conflicts amongst one another in one common and normal living world.

mean cool bullying isolation alone lonely loneliness abandonment

Wild Souls


I’m sure you’ve all seen the movies where the most popular girls in school are also, coincidentally, always the meanest. It’s almost as though the media wants to attribute being popular to being mean, maybe because its more exciting when an ice queen rules the school rather than your typical nice girl, who knows. However, it’s instilling this idea, this mentality, that in order to be well-known, a person must show at least some degree of coldness.

Always be kinder than you feel.

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Sometimes you just don’t know…you just don’t know.



Just get over it already. He is four years older than you. So? Sometimes it just clicked for some apparent reason. Or for no apparent reason at all. Just earlier this morning, you guys didn’t even really know each other. Then all of a sudden, after you guys hung out for half a day at a friend’s birthday celebration, you didn’t want to leave his side anymore. You know exactly how, when, where, and why it happened. After watching the movie at a movie theater, although you didn’t even sit together next to each other during the movie, nevertheless, when you guys were walking to the car to go bowling, your emotion kicked in. Out of nowhere, it was like fate, he took off his hat for some reason and gave it to his friend to keep it. Then that friend put it on your head. In that special one moment, just because you liked his hat, and you asked him if he could drive you with one of his friend and your sister to the bowling center, you began to take notice of him. Right after he turned back to see you wearing his hat, he made a surprising face and his face lit up. Thank you chemistry, even though you are not my best subject in school, you helped us got together.

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The Lovebirds’ Struggle

A long time ago, there was a shack in the village. Everyday the mother of the boy named Tom would go to the field to work and harvest crops. There was also a girl named Lil who also lived with her mother. One day, because of a misfortune, she and her mom had to move and their new place was of neighbor to the boy and his mom. Tom and Lil from that day on lived side by side with each other, both of their mothers went to work daily so they didn’t really spend enough time at home. Gradually, Tom and Lil grew up to love each other. In the morning, they would go hang out in a beautiful field filled with wild flowers. Then at night, they would sit in front of their houses gazing at the sky full of bright stars.

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Parents are the Most Wonderful People in Life…Please Respect Them…Now and Forever

There is a saying that “no one knows what will come next and what life will bring about in the future.” It is true. This concept is often said by people…but not many act on it at the right time. Life is never too short, and life is never too long. These words are only spoken in ignorance. How can a person judge if life is too short or too long? Life has a purpose. And every person in this world has a purpose to fulfill.

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That One Time

Sometimes when we are bored, we know nothing to do, so we do nothing.

As I was sitting down at the table eating my breakfast, there was no internet. I then realized how important the internet was to me. I didn’t know if the internet helped me to become a better person, helped me in my homework, or just totally destroyed me and made me a worse person. When there was no internet, I immediately thought of how to turn it on again.

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